Effects from circus, an impressive multimedia, a choice of strange and unusual places, a mixture of movie and theatrical methods – plenty of this can be found on the catwalk. More than ever fashion reviews have transformed into shows and have become spectacular and impressive spectacles. But why does fashion become more and more spectacular? What makes designers to compete in the area of originality and ingenuity, of creating light effects and special sound? Who guarantees that the whole performance will not crack as a soap balloon and then the whole truth about someone untalented will be shown?

The ability to understand fashion as a show and as a spectacle requires to exactly defining its core and nature – fashion is very communicative, integrate and cultural form of identification of a personality, entertainment and it helps to distinguish one or another’s style. Why does John Galliano turn his reviews in gorgeous and memorable carnivals and parades? What makes Alexander McQueen to choose isolated areas, urban markets, abandoned churches and cemeteries to present his new ideas? There is only one motif: to capture the audience’s attention, to propose new and unknown sources of strong emotions, to make a new break experimenting on the area of fashion presentations. That’s why the quintessence says: the more scandalous and provocative – the better!

In Bulgarian fashion design there are a lot of examples for unusual fashion reviews. It is enough to mention Mariela Gemisheva and her bridal wear collection, presented on the roof of the Art gallery in Sofia, 6 “Shipka” street or her collection named “Fashion blaze”, shown in the yard of the Fire house in Sofia. “Irida” fashion house grabbed the attention at its collections while representing them in an unfinished hospital in Lozen village and also – in Central Sofia prison. “Galinel” fashion house also looks for its identity using this style of presentation (a riding-hall in “Universiada” hall and a desert picture in the Near East). Some years ago Evgenia Jivkova has presented her collection in “Balkanski” circus.

The philosophy and aesthetic that clothes and the new design go together with the way of their presentation make nourish the ideas of talented authors. That’s why they are not afraid of taking unusual decisions; to present their new creations in a strange, surprising, paradoxical way which makes them able to shock and to appeal to the emotions of the audience. Because that’s what people expect – antidote to boredom!

Lubomir Stoykov – Editor-in-chief of “Fashion Lifestyle Magazine”


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